Company Background

Nubia specializes in the safe, effective and timely delivery of general and specialist cargoes to different locations in Ethiopia and abroad including those in challenging or remote areas.

The management and organization

Nubia is passionate about remaining an independent and privately-owned company. Since its foundation the shareholders have always been directly and actively involved in the management and direction of the company. It is in this approach to its business that Nubia is able to demonstrate its commitment to ownership of everything that it does.

Nubia’s success is derived from being a company with a flat organizational structure and significant senior management autonomy. Nubia promotes the development of in-house resources and expertise.

Together these organizational strengths enable Nubia to respond rapidly and comprehensively to business opportunities and challenges, and foster an atmosphere of innovation and enterprise.

Company Vision

Nubia envisions the Horn of Africa to be a vibrant logistics hub and transit route between Africa, Asia and Europe.

Goals and Objectives

It is Nubia’s aim to be the long-term partner of choice for general & project freight forwarding and shipping in various industries, by providing quality solutions tailored to specific client needs and delivering success